Deceased Online adds Leicester Cremation Records

The first new records posted by Deceased Online this year are now available — over 200,000 cremation records from Leicester City Council’s Gilroes Crematorium. Some 218,000 cremations, and 135,000 burials at the adjoining cemetery, have taken place at Gilroes.

These register scans for all but the latest records cover from 1902, when the crematorium opened, one of the oldest, to 2019.

Less complete information on cremations since 1950 may be found free at the Gilroes Crematorium Book of Remembrance.

Leicester burial records are also updated at Deceased Online with additional records up to 2019.

Deceased Online is working on more than 2,000,000 additional burial and cremation records to add to the over 30 million records from over 1,000 locations across the UK now available.

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