MyHeritage adds Jersey Burials

Adding to the collections of 616,486 Jersey births and baptisms, and 140,978 marriages come 299,811 burials.

These index records, no images, date from the year 1541 onwards and typically include the name of the deceased, year of birth, the date and place of burial, the names of the parents, and the name of the spouse.


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  1. John, I researched in Jersey in 2013 for the cousin of a chum whose father had accepted and moved to Jersey, mostly for his health, getting away from the smoky industrial north, arriving just before the Germans did in WWII.

    I could hardly believe how easy it was to go centuries back in half an hour. The fact is that unlike the rest of the UK, Jersey was not subject to heavy German bombing in any war and the Germans also did not care about the Jersey records at all. So they hardly ever touched them and certainly did not destroy them. And there were so few surnames on Jersey that it was very surprising to note that the surname I was researching was in the title of a Jersey department store, and twice even on the employees of the Jersey Archive. Cheers, BT

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