This week’s online genealogy events

The focus this week is the presentations during BIFHSGO conference 2022.

Choose from selected free online events in the next six days. All times are ET except as noted. Those in red are Canadian, bolded if local to Ottawa or recommended. Assume registration in advance is required; check so you’re not disappointed. Many additional events are listed at

Tuesday 27 September, 2 pm: Sweden Research with Online Records at MyHeritage and Beyond, by Mike Mansfield for Legacy Family Tree Webinars and myHeritage.

Wednesday 28 September
BIFHSGO Conference
14:00–14:30 / Welcome and Introductory Remarks
14:30–15:30 / My ancestor was a liar: ignorance, half-truths or wilful deceit? / Dave Annal
16:00–17:00 / Migration and Wales / Gill Thomas
17:30–18:30 / Researching Welsh Ancestry / Derek Blount

19:00-20:00 / The Journey to Genealogy Services at Ādisōke / Robyn Feres-Cameron (LAC), Julie Roy (LAC)

Wednesday 28 September, 2 pm: Start with You: Writing About Yourself, by Brenda Hudson for Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

Wednesday 28 September, 2 pm: Getting started on, by Crista Cowan for Canadian Association of Retired Persons.

September, 7 pm: Failure to Revolt? Why Winnipeg Had a General Strike in 1919 and Ottawa Did Not, by Brian McDougall for Historical Society of Ottawa.,17,19,21/failure-to-revolt-why-winnipeg-had-a-general-strike-in-1919-and-ottawa-did-not

Thursday 29 September
BIFHSGO Conference
12:00–14:00 / Society Connect
14:30–15:30 / Great War Widows and Emigration / Andrea Hetherington
16:00–17:00 / Maps for Family Historians / Alan Ruston
17.30–18.30 / Liverpool: an essential emigration port / Paul Milner

Friday 30 September, 10:15 am: The Top Ten DNA Do’s and Don’ts!, by Michelle Leonard for Legacy Family Tree Webinars Webtember.

The Top Ten DNA Do’s and Don’ts!

Friday 30 September, 11:30 am: Separate Even in Death – Black Funerals and Cemeteries, by Janice Lovelace for Legacy Family Tree Webinars Webtember.

Friday 30 September, 12:45 pm: Indirect Evidence, A Case Study: The Parents of Elizabeth Wingate in Maryland (1795–1860), by Rebecca Whitman Koford for Legacy Family Tree Webinars Webtember.

Friday 30 September, 2 pm:  50 Mostly “Hot off the Press” Net Sites You Want to Check Out!, by Diane L. Richard for Legacy Family Tree Webinars Webtember.

Saturday 1 October
BIFHSGO Conference
10:00–11:00 / Emigration from England / Caroline Gurney
11:30–12:30 / Welsh Newspapers in the National Library of Wales / Beryl Evans
13:00–14:00 / In and Out of London / Ian Waller
14:30–16:30 / Vendor Connect

Sunday 2 October
BIFHSGO Conference

10:00–12:00 / Conference Connect
12:30–13:30 / The Poor and the Parish in England and Wales / Gill Blanchard
14:00–15:00 / Farm, Fish, Faith or Family: motivations for emigrating from North Devon emigration 1830 to 1900 / Dr. Janet Few
15:30–16:30 / Life at Home and on the Sea / Mia Bennett

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