Unlimited access to the 1921 census for England and Wales

Launching today, Tuesday 11 October, Findmypast is opening a new premium subscription option which will include unlimited access to the 1920 census of England and Wales.

As I write this on Monday evening, the Findmypast websites make no mention of it; my source is this panel in the Federation of Family History Societies Really Useful Bulletin, October 2022 Edition No 26.

Existing 12-month Pro subscribers can upgrade for $23.99 US


2 Replies to “Unlimited access to the 1921 census for England and Wales”

  1. Hi John,
    I have a FindmyPast subscription. I went there to look up a relative and when I wanted to look at the original scan I got this
    Why isn’t this part of my subscription?
    The 1921 Census is only accessible by pay-per-view because that makes it commitment-free, for everyone. The fees cover the cost of digitising and transcribing the 18,235,242 images created from records supplied exclusively to us by The National Archives.
    Pay with a one-time purchase:
    ultimate discount

  2. I can confirm that the new “Premium” subscription option is now available for $23.99. It appears on my screen as an “Upgrade” button on the top menu bar when I sign in to Findmypast.com. Their info box states:
    – Access all areas of Findmypast
    – Unlimited access to The 1921 Census

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