Remembrance Day

Perhaps like me, when 11 November comes around, you think of those who died in bloody combat on the battlefields and in the skies of Europe.

This year, remember that 1914-18 and 1939-45 were world wars. Would you expect there to be two Great War Canadians commemorated in Italy or three from WW2 in Australia?

The article below recounts the story of Canadians who died in Alaska in 1943, not fighting with the enemy but of friendly fire during the fog of war.

Lest We Forget – When Canadian soldiers helped liberate a remote Alaskan island


The victims, on Kiska Island, were Gaston Boisclaire, Peter Poshtar, and Sidney Vessey. They are interred at Fort Richard Cemetery, Anchorage, Alaska along with Gerard Dejardins who was the victim of a mine.

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  1. Chum Luc’s Dad was there. I gave him a ton of info I found online about it. The Japanese had left about 2 weeks before the island was attacked. Cheers, BT

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