Scotland’s 1921 census opens online

If you’re reading this after 9 am GMT on 30 November, 4 am EST, ScotlandsPeople should give you access to the 1921 census of Scotland. Don’t try to jump the gun; the site expects to be offline for three hours before the release.

As with the 1921 census for England and Wales, new in this census is information on where people worked.

In preparation, ScotlandsPeople suggests checking your login details, reading the census records online guide and topping up the credits in your account. Census returns cost 6 credits (£1.50) to view.

The census was taken on 19 June 1921, so the release is 164 days after completing the 100th year.

Will Library and Archives Canada take this as a benchmark or the much shorter period between the availability of the 1950 US census and the 1921 census of England and Wales?

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