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Three books long out of print are now just revived by Global Genealogy.

In Search of the Red Dragon – The Welsh in Canada, by Carol Bennett, describes Welsh immigration and settlements in Canada, discusses the survival of the Welsh language and cultural institutions in Canada, and tells the story of a number of notable Canadians of Welsh extraction.

If you’d like a preview, Volume 1. No 2, of the BIFHSGO publication Anglo-Celtic Roots included an article The Hidden Welsh of the Ottawa Valley based on the book, along with Welsh Genealogy by Rev Howard R Rokeby-Thomas.

Also newly republished by Global Heritage Press this month are two books by Duncan MacDonald.

Diary of Deaths 1838-1866, (Glengarry County, Ontario) is a detailed transcription of Roman Catholic deaths recorded in the diary of Rev. John MacDonald from 1838-1866. Most records are of deaths of individuals in the Glengarry County area of Ontario. There are also several recorded deaths that occurred at great distances across Ontario, into Quebec and even New York State — presumably of family members of, or people known to the residents of the Glengarry area.

The BREVITY of Father John MacDonald – Tythes, Masses & Notes 1836-1866 (Glengarry County, Ontario) is the companion book of the Diary of Deaths 1838-1866 listed above. When author Duncan MacDonald finished extracting death information from the diaries of the Rev. John MacDonald and publishing them in 1989, he continued to extract information of genealogical interest from the diaries publishing his additional findings in this book in 1993. The result is astonishing. It appears that the good Rev. John MacDonald was a stickler for recording extraordinary detail about his flock.


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  1. Thank you, John, For including the Vol from Anglo-Celtic Roots. For those of us descended from the Welsh families (as well as English and Scottish) this was most interesting.

    As a librarian (retired) I made sure my library had Carol Bennett’s ‘In Search of the Red Dragon’. It is now sadly culled by an administration that cares nothing for anything on local history or genealogy while it tries to remake itself into a Library of All things, as so many are doing. Sad.

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