Military Monday

Paul Chiddicks (@chiddickstree) is a regular contributor to Family Tree Magazine. Two of his recent tweets, the first referencing his blog post Casualty Clearing Stations During WW1, the second where he highlights “the wonderful @BIFHSGO volunteer project No. 1 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station, reminded me of another WW1 medical resource.

At a recent webinar, “The No. 10 Stationary Hospital: A Remarkable Unit of Londoners in the First World War” from the London-Middlesex branch of OGS, Ken McKinlay posted a comment referencing a LAC resource, Record of service — Overseas Military Forces of Canada medical units.

While many are bare-bones histories, some records, those indicated by “narrative,” are more substantive.

Given the number of battlefield injuries, there’s a good chance anyone in the CEF would have been treated at one of the facilities. If you know which one he was treated at, use the resource to gain additional insight on that aspect of his service and probably will lead to further resources.

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  1. For additional records on all medical units, researchers should consult, on the LAC website, the “Guide to Sources Relating to Units of the Canadian expeditionary Force”. This complements what Ken McKinlay provided and opens the door on even more records that one might find helpful in researching a family member.

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