BBC History Magazine: January 2023

The feature articles of the January issue are:

When Britain said ‘Oui’
Alwyn Turner charts the United Kingdom’s journey to becoming a member of the European Economic Community in 1973

The golden age of pirates
Rebecca Simon reveals the factors that sparked a boom in piracy during the 17th and early 18th centuries – and how authorities tackled maritime crime/

Britain’s greatest archaeological discoveries
Susan Greaney highlights eight of the most important and exciting finds spanning 12,000 years of British history

Eating for victory
During the austere years of the Second World War, a network of communal dining rooms filled empty stomachs for less. Bryce Evans tels the story of British Restaurants.

Animal attractions
Joanne Cormac explores how the role and popularity of British zoos evolved during the 19th century

Warrior queen of Arabia
Emran El-Badawi introduces an inspiring leader who defeated the Romans and forged an independent Arab state.

Book reviews are a regular strength of the magazine.

Indigenous Continent, by Pekka Haméldinen is reviewed by Joy Porter.
The pull quote is “The author corrects the misapprehension
that Europeans were top dogs in the North American story.” it
“upends everything you thought you knew? Better yet if that book is peppered with interesting facts and written in a pacey,
intriguing style by one of the finest minds of his generation.”
Later in the review comrs the comment “Provocative inversions of existing readings are always intriguing, but a closer look reveals this is actually a more conventional bringing together of existing work than it first appears.”

Conquer We Must: A Military History of Britain 1914-1945, by Robin Prior is reviewed by Dan Todman.
“The story the book tells is of the British state developing the capacity to inflict overwhelming, physically destructive force on its enemies.”



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  1. Definitely looks like a bumper issue! I think our library is usually about a month behind on the hard copies of the magazine, but I’ll certainly be watching for it.

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