Findmypast weekly update

New this week are 7,859 transcript records added to the National School Admission Registers collection, all from Halifax, Yorkshire. 

Expect to find First name(s), Last name, Birth year/Birth date. Event year (either the year a student was admitted in the admission register or the year an entry was written in the logbook), School name, Town, County. Many also have an address and name of a parent.

The added schools, west of Halifax, are:  Warley Road – Girls; Warley Road – Boys; Warley St John; West Vale – Boys; Central St Hebden Bridge, Hebden Bridge; Cottonstones National, Sowerby; Ripponden Zion Evening, Soyland; Cloughfoot Evening – Todmorden; Cornholme Board, Todmorden; Old Town Evening, Wadsworth.

The total collection, with entries from 1870 to 1914, now contains 9,364,256 records.

An additional 1,731 Middlesex Monumental Inscriptions can now be found, all with images. from five burial yards: Feltham Prison; Hampton, St Mary; Hayes, Victoria Lane Burial Ground;
Littleton, St Mary Magdalene; Staines, Quakers.

The total collection is now 70,867 entries from the 15th century to 2022.

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