Military Monday: British Military Nurses

Scarlet Finders is a site for those researching British military nurses, Voluntary Aid Detachments and military hospitals in the First World War, and it includes transcriptions of records. In addition, it links to a sister site, the Fairest Force focusing on nurses’ experiences in France and Flanders during the First World War.

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  1. My Mom Bessie Irene Beyer of St.Catharines joined the QAIMNS and served at the Casualty Clearing before transferring the the Canadians. A portion of her collection was donated to the War Museum in Ottawa before her death. Her diaries which we kept as well as a small sketch book and some photos were used by Elizabeth Hirst to write a book about her interpretation of Bessie’s experiences overseas. The book is called “They Called Her Canada”. I had never read the diaries, as I felt they were private. Mom neve talked about “The War” but say that the English nurses looked down upon the “Colonials” as they felt those nurses lacked training.

  2. Indeed Corlene’s mother’s story is well known here in St. Catharines. I believe her nursing costume was used in a number of heritage displays.

    Gail B, St. C.

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