Military Monday: Berkshire WWII Records

New from Ancestry come four collections, small but rare, from the Berkshire Record Office. The collections include images of the original documents, which are in various formats with both typed and handwritten information.

Berkshire, England, World War II Related Miscellaneous Records, 1939-1971, 23,808 entries.
Comprises personnel records, remembrances, and other home front records. Includes visitor books recording military servicepersons far from home.

Berkshire, England, World War II Home Guard Records, 1943-1958, 568 entries.
Meeting minutes, civil defence certificates, and other records of the Home Guard

Berkshire, England, World War II Civil Defence Records, 1939-1945, 2,868 entries.
Includes air raid precaution plans, incident and bombing raid reports.

Berkshire, England, World War II Evacuation Records, 1939-1945, 37,601 entries
Records detail Berkshire’s work as a reception area. Besides the attendance registers of evacuated schools, there are files about emergency accommodation, maternity homes, nurseries and hostels.


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