MyHeritage adds England, Middlesex and Westminster Sessions of the Peace

“An incorrigible rogue and vagabond.”

That’s the description in the record for James Reid (no known relation) who was convicted on 5 December 1881 at Marylebone Police Court and sentenced to 2 calendar months at Her Majesty’s Prison Holloway.

This free collection of 82,679 records contains lists of prisoners tried at Middlesex or Westminster Sessions of the Peace in England, between the years 1836 and 1889. Records typically include the name of the individual, age, and the date when the trial took place. Records may also include information about the occupation, previous convictions, offense charged with, verdict, and sentence.

The calendars that are mentioned in this collection are documents or records maintained by correctional institutions or law enforcement agencies that contain information about the individuals who are currently incarcerated or have been previously incarcerated in their facilities.

Although for London, with original records at the London Metropolitean Archives, the transcription records in this collection are © The University of Sheffield.

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