Ancestry updates Nova Scotia Civil Registration Indexes

Before you can access this collection, updated with more recent years, you now have to specifically agree to Terms and Conditions totalling 2,924 words. What’s in it?

In summary, you agree to:

Only access and use the information for valid historical and genealogical research purposes
Follow the rules and expectations set by the Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage
Pay any fees required for certain transactions using a credit card or similar means
Respect the intellectual property rights of the Province and others
Accept the risks and limitations of using the Service
Comply with applicable laws and regulations
Accept the use and disclosure of your personal information as described in the Privacy Statement.

Agree and you have access to:

Nova Scotia, Canada, Marriages, 1763-1945 — 567,153 records.
Nova Scotia, Canada, Deaths, 1864-1877, 1890-1970 — 974,206 records
Nova Scotia, Canada, Births, 1840-1921 — 401,920 records

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