Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

Excel for Genealogy
From the Pinellas Genealogy Society, a recording of a video class — available for a limited time.

Family Tree DNA Sale
For DNA Day, until 25 April, FTDNA is giving $50 off Y-DNA tests.

Deep Zooming
TheGenealogist has significantly improved the image quality and therefore readability of all its 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1891 census record images. Now the images have 5 times the resolution of previous images and providing the highest resolution and quality of English and Welsh census images to be seen anywhere online. Read Nick Thorne’s article Murder in the Margin to find out more.

Are Searches in OCR-generated Archives Trustworthy?
An Analysis of Digital Newspaper Archives

Is the Canadian Red Ensign an Extremist Symbol?
This article recalled for me the usurpation of our Maple Leaf flag during last year’s convoy protest.

Global Genealogy – newly available
Reprints of OGS Ottawa Branch publications of gravestone transcriptions for St. Isidore Roman Catholic Cemetery, Kanata, Ontario, St Paul’s Anglican Cemetery, Almonte, Ontario, and St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Almonte, Ontario.

Thanks to this week’s contributors: Alison Hare, Ann Burns, Anonymous,  Basil Adam, Brenda Turner, Elizabeth Kipp, Gail Benjafield, Glenn Wright, Lynne Willoughby, Mags Gaulden, Nick Mcdonald, Paul  Marsden, Roy Thomas, Sharon Moor, Steve Witwill, Sunday Thompson, Teresa, Unknown, Wendy Noble.

2 Replies to “Sunday Sundries”

  1. Interesting John. That that Israeli Association was involking the Great Replacement Theory. Will we never be free of that? Chdeers, BT

  2. TheGenealogist’s improvements do make it tempting, but hard to add another sub right now… Decisions, decisions…

    As for OCR (don’t have time right now to read the full article, but I did scan it), I find it hit and miss…that’s why I search in as many ways as I can think of (first name only and location, last name only and location, name variations, by address etc), but also, sometimes just browse newspapers I know my ancestors have appeared in under the likely topics (court appearances, Board of Guardians appearances etc.)

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