Genealogists’ Magazine, March 2023

The March issue of Genealogists’ Magazine, the Journal of the Society of Genealogists, dropped into my mailbox on Tuesday, 30 May — yes, that is the March issue — the slight aroma of salt coming from the cover could be a hint about the delay.

The issue starts out, after the administrative preliminaries, with several articles elucidating the genealogy of the Great and the Good — starting with the male line ancestry of King Charles III. 

If you’re interested in the history of records, there’s a solid article by John Winthrop on the legacy of William Dade. The late 18th and early 19th centuries saw a movement to add greater details to BMB records. A prime mover, not the only one was Rev Willliam Dade.  You can get a a map and spreadsheet showing 170 parishes with Dade or Dade-like registers at

The article that most caught my attention was Six Essentials for Kick Starting Your Family History Journey. Compiled by the Society of Genealogists social media team with Emma Jolly, Natalie Plithers and various Tweeters, it’s an assemblage of tips, whether you’re new or an old-hand looking for a refresher.

  1. take a genealogy course. 
  2. create dedicated time for exploring your family history
  3. sign up for newsletters
  4. plan your genealogy events with Conference Keeper
  5. use tools to bookmark online articles, stop losing your discoveries.
  6. broadening your knowledge,

2 Replies to “Genealogists’ Magazine, March 2023”

  1. When I have extra cash, I might join the SoG… the journal alone sounds worth the money, along with the records they have in the Members Only section.

    Thanks for the six tips 🙂

  2. You did well. Mailed from the UK as a ‘printed book/magazine’ on 23 February 2023, my paper copy arrived just north of Kingston today, 1 June 2023. No aroma of salt here!

    Well worth the membership/subscription cost, even if the paper copy is delayed in delivery.

    A digital version of the June magazine is accessible already!

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