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Findmypast doesn’t claim to be a leader when it comes to Canadian records. As if to prove it, a browse collection of the 1931 census has been added this week. That’s the same as available from Library and Archives Canada since the start of the month.

Also added this week is a book “Notes on Duels and Duelling (1855) which recorded almost 2,000 duels and challenges that took place in England, Ireland, the United States, as well some in Scotland and France. To bring Sabine’s research to life, we’ve made each entry fully searchable.” I didn’t find the search helpful. If you’re interested in the content I suggest skipping FMP and doing directly to a searchable version from Google at

Records for St Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Manhattan, New York, a total of 45,861 new records, covering 75 years of history, are now available at FMP.

While it would be nice if FMP invested more to provide unique Canadian content online, would it happen? The company strength is UK and Ireland records, and it already has strong competition there. Can it afford to be more proactive in Canada? Adding existing Canadian content, like the 1931 census, is a way to serve their clients, especially the UK-based ones who don’t have a subscription elsewhere covering Canadian content.

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  1. Presumably the recent announcement that LAC and FMP are now partners to bring more Canadian content to FMP will address this very issue. Are there records at LAC that have not been scooped up by Ancestry? Perhaps this partnership will result in a yet undiscovered resource. We are allowed to dream, after all.

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