New on Ancestry: Ireland, Abstracts of Wills and Marriages, 1620-1923

This collection of genealogical abstracts from Ireland has over one million entries, a significant addition to the available Irish resources, especially for early years. According to the Ancestry information, most pertain to wills and marriage bonds, and some miscellaneous abstracts are included. I found many indicated as “residence.”

The collection appears to have been indexed by AI handwriting recognition technology.

Testing with the surname Marmion found 30 hits with both first and last names. Ten were event-type residence, 18 wills, one marriage, and one death. Eight had additional information on event dates or relatives in the listing.

Each hit is linked to an image of the original page or a two-page image. Given my mediocre paleographic skills, I struggled to find the corresponding entry in the original. It would be helpful if it were highlighted and a transcription of the whole page was available with the hit highlighted.

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