Internet Genealogy: Aug-Sep 2023

Is it salt air or sea sickness that the cover illustration of the new issue of Internet Genealogy brings to mind?
In Researching Your Mariner Ancestors Diane L. Richard looks at early 19th century, mostly US port records that document mariners.
In Their Words: “Memoires and
Autobiographies”: Sue Lisk shows you how to locate valuable information to help you better understand your ancestors’ lives.
1931 Canadian Census: Dave Obee searches for his grandparents in the newly-released 1931 Canadian Census emphasizing the insights of looking beyond your immediate family.
Ancestral Movements in Britain and Beyond: Michelle Dennis examines the many reasons for our ancestors to relocate.
Must-See Genealogy TV — For Free!: Robbie Gorr goes on a genealogy TV channel surfing safari. Includes many I didn’t know about and where to find them.
Colonial and Early Wills: David A. Norris looks at Colonial and 19th century wills and estate papers.
Online British Newspapers: Ed Storey looks at what you can find in online British newspapers. Surprisingly there’s no mention of
One Photograph: The Value of Paying Close Attention: Meredith Young Renard reveals how looking carefully at a photo can pay off.
Review: Take Better Notes with FreeForm: Lisa A. Alzo reviews a powerful Mac-based note-taking app.
In Tribute: Paths of Remembrance: Sue Lisk looks at the some of the ways ancestors might be memorialized.
Vacation Commonalities of Our Ancestors: Lynn Cassity looks at why our ancestors needed to document their time away
Answering the “Where Do I Go From Here?” Question:
The Allen County Public Library offers some good website suggestions to assist you.
Connecting the Threads: from Generation to Generation: Karen L. Newman looks at the enduring popularity of quilting
NetNotes: Diane L. Richard looks at websites and related
news that are sure to be of interest.
A Peek Behind the Scenes at Who Do You Think You Are? (U.K. edition): Dave Obee.

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  1. So disappointed this magazine is now electronic only…it’s not in Libby (that I’ve found)…big loss to the genealogy resources at my library 🙁

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