Will LAC not release your 2021 Census information?

When released in 2113, will your census information be missing?

A study by Statistics Canada evaluates the number of people missed, and the number of people enumerated more than once by the 2021 census. The net undercoverage rate was 3.1%, higher than for the three previous censuses.

The undercount for the Northwest Territories is 8.0%, for
Nunavut 7.8, and for the Yukon 5.8%. The best coverage is Quebec with only 0.7% undercoverage.


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  1. Any information that they have on me and my wife for the 2021 census wil be of little value. We were never personally given formsto fill out. Because we live in a Seniors’ complex composed of a variety of types of accommodation, and totally aout 400+ people, managmement decoded to have a clerk fill out the forms for everyone.!!!!! We are in a life lease apartment and it is considered independent living. When I discovered what had happened, I went to the top. However, he decided that to do our information properly wuld be duplication. I am sure that there is minimum information on us and probably not at all accurate!

  2. Interesting stats…I forgot to ask my friends at work if they’d actually submitted their census form, though I know I mentioned at the time their descendants would thank them 🙂

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