Good news about death!

Let’s qualify that!

It’s for those of us researching people who died in England and Wales from the start of civil registration of deaths in 1837 until 1957.

On Wednesday, 70 years of the later death registrations became available as jpg digital image scans of the original GRO death registers. That extends the period previously available.

First, find the GRO reference coordinates from You will need a free registration.

Then, for the cost of £2.50, you can order and should receive a jpg image of the original almost instantaneously.


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  1. Dangerous news indeed…already taken advantage to confirm the death of one of my 2nd great-grandmothers. She had a very common name (Louisa Taylor), so didn’t want to keep throwing away £7, but guessed correctly and only spent £2.50 🙂

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