Christ’s Hospital School Records

ArtefactsI had one of my best family history days of the year recently when I received information about boys in my tree who attended Christ’s Hospital, the charitable school with records from the 16th century. The earliest was my two-times-great-grandfather, who attended from 1849 to 1855, and the latest my uncle, there from 1923 to 1929. In between was a first cousin three times removed who, when he left the school, moved to Saskatchewan.

Among earlier records are those of Edward Roberts, who surveyed the northwest coast with George Vancouver in the late 18th century. Other boys joined the Hudson’s Bay Company,

The original records are at the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA), which I went to in September to research, Access was on microfilm. The information this week came directly from the Museum of Christ’s Hospital. The museum team can access these records, and often more, and is pleased to answer enquiries, especially those relating to family history. Records available often include copies of birth and parent’s marriage certificates, which were included with petitions for entry.

While there is no charge for this service, donations are invited for detailed reports. I considered how long and at what expense in travel and time it would have taken me to research at the LMA, then donated. There are data protection rules which restrict information being given about recent “Old Blues.” Contact with any request.



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