Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

Dress code: How a Winnipeg codebreaker cracked one of the ‘world’s top unsolved messages’

Free Irish Genealogy eBooks

Ireland’s Christmas traditions

How the Christmas pudding, with ingredients taken from the colonies, became an iconic British food

How the Christmas royal broadcast evolved – from the first reluctant monarch to an enduring queen and a new king

Victorian Britain had its own anti-vxxers – and they helped bring down a government


The Fraud by Zadie Smith review: a dazzling depiction of Victorian colonial England (available at OPL)
Weird Medieval Guys: this deeply researched book takes you on a romp through the Middle Ages (not available at OPL)

Thanks to this week’s contributors: Ann Burns, Anonymous, Barbara May Di Mambro, Brenda Turner, Christine Jackson, Denis Bourque, gail benjafield, Helen Gillespie, Margaret MacDermaid, Nick Mcdonald, Sunday Thompson, Teresa, Unknown. Wayne Shepheard


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  1. My great-great grandfather was one of those anti-vaxxers – I’ve found a couple of newspaper articles about him refusing to have at least one of his children vaccinated for smallpox…

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