The Road Ahead: A Genealogical Pot-Pourri

OGS Toronto Branch hosts leading genealogist, as well as newspaper editor and publisher, Dave Obee, for its first online monthly meeting of 2024 on Monday, 22 January, at 7:30 pm.

We likely agree with him about remembering the basics of genealogical research. But do you agree when he recommends foregoing the fun of the latest bright, shiny things, like AI?  Would he have said the same thing when DNA came on the scene? Let’s not fall into the trap of prioritizing the negative, which is the bread and butter of the news business.

Note: The image was produced by DALL E 3.

2 Replies to “The Road Ahead: A Genealogical Pot-Pourri”

  1. Not me! I love chasing bright shiny objects and going down rabbit holes. We aren’t on the clock doing genealogy — we are having fun.

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