Ancestry adds England and Wales, New Popular Edition Maps, 1940-1948

The New Popular Edition 1:50,000 maps were based on surveys conducted between 1914 and 1948 and published between 1945 and 1948. Available here in greyscale, they were a hybrid of the “Seventh Series” maps that would follow them in the 1950s and the Popular Edition maps from the 1920s.

A search found several places but couldn’t find Hackney! Navigating the collection is awkward; moving to an adjacent area map is impossible.

I prefer the NLS map facility.

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  1. I agree – not very helpful. I just searched for Farnborough, Hampshire…the map is, well, basic. It doesn’t even show RAE Farnborough!!

    Like you, I’ll stick with the NLS collection, and those at various university libraries…

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