Theory of Family Relativity™ Update — PLUS

If you have DNA data with MyHeritage, you likely received a notice that”MyHeritage has just refreshed the data for Theory of Family Relativity™, adding millions of new theories that can help explain your relationship to your DNA Matches.”

My refresh had seven new “theories”, all fourth or fifth cousins on my maternal side, sharing no more than 31.5 cM. I was able to confirm one, we shared 28.7 cM on 3 chromosomes with 12.8‎ cM the largest segment. That enabled me to correct an error from the tree that was attached, I had the wrong sister marrying in my matches line, and extend the tree forward.

My other matches are suspect owing to endogamy.

Here’s the PLUS.

What are the Odds v3 is coming “within the next month.” Find out about the many updates here.

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