Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Genealogy

A series of blog posts from Hound on the Hunt, affiliated with Alberta-based Shop the Hound , each is illustrated with AI produced images.

Part One, of three so far, explores the MyHeritage AI Biographer. It provides a biographical report based on information you have entered, the historical context, and the surname.

Part Three does much the same for Ancestry, using an ancestor’s profile and Lifestory,

Part Two delves into ChatGPT. It’s by far the most interesting and ends with:

I’m fairly certain you can see that I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole.. but I think it might be a good one because it’s making me excited about working more on ChatGPT, and it’s most certainly worth the $20/month at this point, and the fun I’ve had exploring, and there’s more to come.


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