Findmypast Weekly Update

Are there South African strays in your family tree. If so make sure to check out this week’s FMP update.

Here’s FMP’s writeup,

Church records and membership lists document over 350 years of South Africa’s history and people in the latest release. Records are from the Cape, Free State, Kwazulu-Natal, and Transvaal regions.

Spanning 1660-2011, over 785,000 new baptism records offer essential information about South African family heritage. Some entries include a digitized scan of the original record, which is always worth checking for extra details, like godparents’ names. Where available, the original record is likely to be written in Dutch or Afrikaans.

Did your ancestor tie the knot in South Africa? Find out in over 314,000 new church marriage records.

A South African marriage record from 1840

An example of a South African marriage record from 1840. View the full record.

The records reveal the names and birth years of both spouses, as well as when and where their wedding took place.

Trace South African ancestors from cradle to grave with the help of over 4,800 new burial records.

1897 map of South Africa

A map of South Africa from 1897.

From its indigenous people to European colonization and apartheid, South Africa’s history is as diverse as it is tumultuous. Could these records help you trace a family connection there?

Detail-rich records reveal when your ancestor joined the church, along with important biographical facts. The 141,000-strong collection includes membership lists from Cape and Free State.

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  1. Now these I must see. My late husband Ed spent years torying to find out about his father’s South African family. Thanks John. BT

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