RootsTech Day 1 Recommendations: 29 February 2024

RootsTech offers 16 sessions classified as intermediate/
advanced/professional. Here’s my selection from the eight available on Thursday 29 February. 

10 am ET: Metropolitan Ancestors: Finding Families in Georgian and Victorian London

Nicholas Dixon
It can be particularly challenging for genealogists to locate individuals and families in the UK’s capital city and its environs. This is because of the high density of population in the metropolis and the fact that London families often moved between multiple addresses in a relatively short space of time. Given the number of people who migrated to London in the Georgian and Victorian periods, London records often need to be compared with those of other parts of the UK and other countries. This webinar will discuss the multifarious records that are useful to those tracing London ancestors, including directories, newspapers, court records, insurance records and local history publications. Using relevant and interesting examples from my own ancestry, it will suggest new ways of finding families in London.

11:30 am ET: Home Children – The children sent to Canada from the Home for Destitute Children in Liverpool

Ian Mooney
Many of our ancestors moved great distances by choice for economic reasons. Migration from Britain to North America was a well-trodden path. However, a less well-known programme of child migration, known as the ‘Home Children’ movement saw nearly 80000 poor children sent to Canada from Britain during a 70 year period from the 1860s.

Using case studies of children who were sent to Canada, the session will explore the sources that are available, in Britain and Canada, and piece together life stories for the most important people in the migration programme, the children.

3:30 pm ET: The ATGCs of DNA Analysis: Assumptions, Thinking Analytically, Guesses, and Conclusions

Kelli Bergheimer
How do you know in DNA analysis if you have proven what you set out to prove? How can you implement the genealogical proof standard into your daily work? Learn how to avoid the assumptions that prevent your progress. And learn to think more analytically about hypotheses and conclusions. Prerequisite: Participants should have a working knowledge of DNA testing to be successful in this class.

To put it another way :—

London’s whispers, secrets hide,
Dixon’s search, a guiding tide.
Mooney seeks the children sent,
Their stories through the records bent.
ATGCs with Bergheimer’s hand,
Assumptions fade, conclusions stand.
RootsTech’s Friday, knowledge gleams,
Unraveling past, ancestral dreams.

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