Military Monday: World War Graphic History

Glenn Wright’s well-attended presentation, Hidden Treasures: Canadian Military Records Seen and Unseen, to OGS Ottawa Branch on Saturday was far too rich to summarize here. Become an Ottawa Branch member to view the recording now posted.

Toward the end, Glenn mentioned the  new to me website World War Graphic History. By Matt Barrett,  historian, animator, illustrator, and caricaturist, it details the biographies, experiences and personalities of each and every CEF battalion commander.

While many give the names as header, others are cryptic: The Prohibitionist; The Orangeman; The Physician; The Public Defender; The Elder; The Exonerated; The Bankrupt; The Indian Fighter; The Man Among Boys; The Labour Man; The Independent; The Police Chief; The Bug; The Nazi-Watcher, The Home Wrecker, The Broken-Hearted, The Philanderer, The Soldier o’ Fortune; The Quiet Man; The Incompetent; The Also Ran; The Undead.

There’s also a full-text search capability.

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  1. Won’t do this. I have bought books which served as source books for Tim Cook’s books, and I utterly could not finish them. They were too terrifying. Cheers anyways, BT

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