Why Volunteering Is Worth Your Time

Do you love digging into the past? Non-profit heritage organizations offer opportunities. Seniors, especially those at or past retirement, bring valuable life experience and specialist skills. Volunteering is a chance to expand horizons, find new challenges, and connect with a dedicated community.

Volunteers with family history, genealogy, museums, historical and similar heritage non-profits can get these benefits:

  • Maintain Skills: Use your specialist knowledge as part of the organization’s team. Don’t let the financial, organizational, communications, research or leadership skills you developed over a career atrophy.
  • Deeper Knowledge: Work with historical records, learn new research techniques, and gain insights you might not find on your own.
  • Sense of Community: Connect and contribute with others who share your passion for history and family, make new friends.

In Ottawa and area, get started with the list of member organiztions of the Capital Heritage Connection, formerly CHOO/COPO, at https://www.capitalheritage.ca/member-category/all-members/.

As I was finalizing this, I came across the article If you want to be truly happy in retirement, say goodbye to these 12 habits.

April is Global Volunteers Month.

Thanks to those who have volunteered with heritage organizations over the years.


3 Replies to “Why Volunteering Is Worth Your Time”

  1. Community groups have helped me make new contacts in retirement. More time for the grandchildren and helping my working daughters and spouses. My genealogy writing continues to move along with stories of current generations for my grandchildren. volunteering is good as I am my own boss. I do not miss having a manager to dictate how work should be.

  2. Thank you for focussing on volunteerism. I have been a volunteer for years, while working full time and since retirement. It enhanced everything I did from reading to community activities. I am soon leaving one of the boards for which I have been on for decades, but keeping my hand in.

    I truly believe being active and interested in one’s local community leads to meeting other people with similar interests, of course, but more. It keeps the neurons firing.

    A good report. Thanks John

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