Who Do You Think You Are Magazine: June 2024

The 80th anniversary of D-Day features on the cover of the new issue. Gavin Mortimer pays tribute to the ordinary men who experienced an extraordinary event. There’s minimal reference to Canadian involvement.

Chloe O’Shea describes the main ways by which family names can change and how to identify variants.

I was interested in Laura Berry’s article on researching coalmining ancestors. My grandfather was a coal miner in South Wales in the early 1900s. In the 1921 census, he was an unemployed miner, very likely one of the strikers in the industrial action that delayed the census. I’ll add exploring The South Wales Coalfield Collection ( https://libguides.swansea.ac.uk/swml/collections ) and the Welsh Coal Mines website (https://welshcoalmines.co.uk/) Laura mentions to my to-do list.

Similarly, I’ll dip into Jonathan Scott’s article on blacksmiths and related occupations for background on my whitesmith great-grandfather.

As far as I know, I don’t need to explore Julie Peakman’s article that reveals the lives of London’s streetwalkers and other prostitutes in the 18th century for background on a family member.

Among the ads in the issue was one for the Fourth edition of Evidence Explained, promoted as “the go-to guide for history researchers since 2007 because it guides us through a maze of historical resources not covered by other citation manuals—all kinds of primary-source materials, accessed through all kinds of media. More than a thousand examples for U.S. and international documents demonstrate how to handle the quirks that stump users of these materials.” It should be available, if previous glitches have been resolved, as an eBook at $47.50 US via https://vitalsource.com


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