Exploring Custom AI Tools for Genealogy Research

Have you tried any of the specialized AI tools designed for genealogy and family history research? With the rise of advanced language models like ChatGPT, developers have created custom versions tailored for niche domains like genealogy. That’s not just human genealogy! By combining domain-specific instructions, curated knowledge bases, and fine-tuned skills, these AI assistants aim to provide enhanced capabilities for tasks such as record analysis, ancestry tracing, and family tree building.

Start by exploring the directory at https://chatgpt.com/gpts, which currently lists over 100 custom AI tools across various aspects of genealogy. Here are some of the top genealogy-focused offerings based on the number of conversations:

AI and Genealogy Research GPT: Explores how AI can assist in genealogical research, family tree analysis, and uncovering ancestry information. With 900+ conversations and a 3.9 rating, it’s one of the more popular options.

Open Genealogy GPT (Open GeneaGPT): A collaborative, source-available genealogy assistant for family history researchers and the curious. It has garnered 400+ conversations with a solid 4.7 rating.

Genealogy Eyes: This unique tool leverages computer vision to analyze images, photos, and documents through the lens of a family historian. Upload an image (e.g., a cemetery headstone or historical record) from your phone using the official ChatGPT app, provide context, and let the AI assist you. With 400+ conversations, it has a 3.7 rating.

While these tools offer intriguing possibilities, access is usually limited on the free tier. All these restricted access to paid subscription plans like ChatGPT Plus. As exploring and experimenting with the available capabilities can provide valuable insights into the potential of AI for genealogical research, at $20 US per month it’s something I can only recommend on a trial basis.

Have you had any experience with these or other custom AI tools for genealogy? Share your thoughts and findings in the comments!

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