MyHeritage adds Canada, New Brunswick Marriages

This collection contains 1,335,251 marriage records from New Brunswick, Canada, between the years 1789 and 1950.

Records typically include transcriptions of the date and place of marriage and the bride and groom’s names. Additional information is in a linked image.


MyHeritage obtained these via FamilySearch which, as of 28 May 2024, has “Canada, New Brunswick Provincial Marriages 1789-1950” with 303,599 records in 268,525 image. FamilySearch also has three other browse only titles of New Brunswick marriages.

The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB), Fredericton is the ultimate source which lists these county marriage holdings online, with years and number of records.

County Council Marriage Records: Charlotte 1789 – 1839 8,166
County Council Marriage Records: Gloucester 1826 – 1887 29,046
County Council Marriage Records: Kent 1844 – 1887 9,974
County Council Marriage Records: Restigouche 1838 – 1878 2,042
County Council Marriage Records: Sunbury 1798 – 1887 2,606

PANB also has these province-wide marriage records online.

Index to Late Registration of Marriages 1920 – 1945 224
Index to New Brunswick Marriages 1847 – 1973 625,640

Why does MyHeritage list more records than the originating sources? Maybe it counts more than the number or marriages, or marriage partners, extending to parents and even witnesses.

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