BIFHSGO June Meeting on Saturday

Saturday, 8 June, sees the final BIFHSGO monthly meeting before the summer break, online and in-person at Knox Presbyterian Church, (Lisgar & Elgin) in Geneva Hall.

9am: Annual General Meeting and Launch of the 30th Anniversary

10 am: Great Moments in Genealogy

Just a Wannabe Scot
Presenter: Veronica Scrimger

This is the Great Moment story of how the discovery of a tombstone in Arbroath, Scotland, ignited Veronica and Dave’s fascination with his Scrimger family history. But it actually all started when a friend declared that Yorkshireman Dave Scrimger was “just a wannabe Scot.”

Veronica Scrimger is a retired librarian and researcher. While her husband, Dave, did all the initial genealogy of his Scrimger family, over the last seven years, Veronica used her skills to uncover the history of their lives.

Locations and Occupations: Using Census Analysis to Explore Family Dispersion
Presenter: Paul Cripwell

The census can provide that golden moment, when you find something that makes everything feel right! This talk is not only about one of those moments, but also about what happens next: the new avenues of research that become necessary to gain a better understanding of your family history.

Paul Cripwell’s journey into his family history began when he retired from Nav Canada in 2018. Needing something to keep his mind active, he quickly discovered that family history was the perfect project. It required all the analytical and investigative skills he had acquired over his 40-year career and it was also a never-ending project, so he would never get bored. His research into his Cripwell side has revealed much new information and a greater understanding of the lifestyle of his ancestors.

Mystery in the Vestry
Presenter: Jim Pot

Decades ago, a vintage desk, possibly more than 150 years old now, was donated to Knox Presbyterian Church. It sat gathering dust and cobwebs in the recesses of the church’s boiler room until, one day when was it offered to the current minister, Rev. Jim Pot. While the desk was being restored for resurrection into the vestry, research into its provenance revealed that it may have belonged to an assassinated Father of Confederation. Join us as Jim shares the legend of the unfinished mystery in the Knox Church Vestry.

Rev. Jim Pot is the minister at Knox Presbyterian Church.

A reminder for OGS members, the Society AGM is online only starting at 11 am.

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