Ancestry adds England,™ Stories and Events Index, 1800’s to current

Ancestry now has an index that allows you to search by name in English newspapers that are available on™. That follows the release of similar collections for the rest of the UK and Ireland,

From the 1800s to the present, there are 964,449,912 entries. That places it in the top ten of all Ancestry databases by number of entries.

The index entry shown is linked to a thumbnail of the article. To read the article you do need a subscription.

In this case only the lower part of the highlighted area is relevant, one of two entries found for him mentioned in a will.

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  1. I was thrilled to find earlier this week they’d added the England collection as well. My trick is to see if they same papers are available in FMP’s collection, which many times they are. I love that Ancestry’s source info often includes the page number as well 🙂

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