Ancestry Updates London, England, Marriage Notices from The Times, 1982-2004

This database now has 320,053 records, up from 160,030 when I looked in March last year.

A search gives a list of hits with name, event type, marriage date and spouse name. Clicking on View Record adds published date, father and father-in-law information.

The majority of the entries are engagement announcements with the “marriage” date and published date the same. For those, it’s not the marriage date. Not all engagements, even those announced in The Times, lead to marriage.

Check the published announcement, not available through Ancestry. for additional information. One I examined. less than 40 words, added the bride’s mother’s first name and that she was deceased.

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  1. Interesting. I remember when engagements were published in either “The Ottawa Journal” or “The Ottawa Citizen” back in the days…..I’m dating myself…..

    Judy H

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