Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

Opinion: The Britisher

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra offers its entire lockdown video archive for free streaming – with free registration.

We can’t work it out.

Why retrieving former residential school records has proved so difficult

Manitoba and Canada’s North-West: Founders and Builders
A timely latest Canadian Issues from the Association for Canadian Studies.

Survey of London: Histories of Whitechapel

Fold3 is offering free access to more than 100 million US Civil War records until July 18th.

TheGenealogist has added more than 327,300 individuals to their Irish Catholic Parish Record Collection for the County of Carlow along with a suite of Thom’s Official Directories covering Great Britain and Ireland.

Thanks to this week’s contributors:  Amy Milne-Smith, Anonymous, Gail Benjafield, Helen Billing, Judith H., Ken Hanson, Nick Thorne, Shannen Bulley, Teresa, Unknown.

2 Replies to “Sunday Sundries”

  1. Forwarding We Can Make it out to many friends.
    Loved the British Humour cancel culture bit and have already forwarded to friend.

    As for the column on getting Residential School Records, as both a professional librarian and a volunteer with numerous local history organizations, I can attest that the idea of ‘privacy’ is just a way for various governments, corporatations, municipalities, to simply not respond to their citizen complaints, comments, interest or even laudatory comments, as they simply do not want to go down on paper to respond at all to taxpayers.

    Once, years ago it seems, citizens and govt transacted comments with fearing being called out. No more. Everything is under lock and key.

  2. Forwaring ‘We can make it out to many. Loved the British Humour cancel culture bit and have already forward it.

    As for the Residential School records, I can attest, both as a professionnal librarian and volunteer with many local community orgs that this ‘privacy issue’ is dodge for govts, corporations, you name it, to simply not responds.

    Years ago, it seems, citizens and govt’s trusted each other. No more.

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