CEF Beechwood: William Greaves Hooper

Born 28 July 1887 in Frankford, Ontario, his father, Rev John George Hooper, died in 1906. His mother was Jennie Harriett nee Greaves.

He attested on 15 May 1918 at Barriefield (Kingston), Ont., Service Number: 3059938, while living at his mother’s residence at 413 Elgin Street, Ottawa.

Before enlistment, he was a traveller for a drug company which may account for his service being with the Canadian Army Medical Corps where he was a Quartermaster Sergeant.

However, he became ill and was hospitalized shortly after enlistment. The cause of death was tuberculosis of the liver and bladder predating enlistment.

He died on 8 August 1921 and is buried in Sec. 19. Lot 133. North-East. 1. at Beechwood Cemetery.

This is the last of 100 posts made on the centennial of the deaths of servicemen and women interred at Beechwood Cemetery.  The first was Thomas William Hardinghan who died in a machine gun training accident on 21 September 1914. Along the way, I was able to find a burial not commemorated and was pleased to attend the dedication of the headstone, a rare joint one with the colleague who drowned at the same time.

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