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I was surprised the other day to discover, via a post referencing Lisa Louise Cooke, that the Google collection of historic newspapers isn’t as non-searchable as I’d thought. Here’s how to do it.

Go to enter the search term and hit return or the search magnifying glass. Then on the Any document drop-down select Newspapers. Click on the Any time drop-down to refine the date range.

Add additional terms to the search, like the place of interest, to further refine the results. There seems to be no way to identify at the site which newspapers are included. A sample search for the WW2 period found articles in Canadian papers The Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, Toronto Daily Star, Calgary Herald, Maple Leaf, Windsor Daily Star, Regina Leader-Post, Edmonton Journal, Shawinigan Standard, St. Maurice Valley Chronicle, Sherbrooke Telegram, and Canadian Register.

There are also US and Australian newspapers. Likely the papers available are those listed by The Ancestor Hunt at, scroll down to Canada>Links by Province, select the province and then scroll down to Google News Archive. The same collection is available to MyHeritage subscribers.

Also new in newspapers is that Findmypast no longer provides access to Canadian or US newspapers. FMP does continue to add to the British newspaper collection, the latest being the Daily News (London) for 1846-1923, 1925, 1927, 1939. continues to add US newspapers.

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  1. another way to search Google news archives is to use Search on that site and it will bring up all the results. You can’t access the article but it gives the newspaper, the date and the page number which gives the information to look on google news archives.

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