A Long Day: Saturday 25 September

I’ve been looking forward to the BIFHSGO conference talks on 25 September.  Now I find the Register of Qualified Genealogists are streaming a free Conference: Genealogy and Social History: Know your Ancestors on the same day. Here’s the programme (pdf). Register at https://www.qualifiedgenealogists.org/2021-conference

Fortunately, the time difference works in our favour.  The opening presentation for RQG, What genealogists and social historians can learn from each other, by Caroline Gurney starts at 5 am ET.  Chris Paton’s talk Church and State: Ireland’s Vital Records starts at noon ET. By that time the final RQG presentation, one I’d particularly like to attend, Lying Bastards: the impact of illegitimacy on family history research, by Dave Annal, will be about halfway through.

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