Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

Nominations to the Little List
Your list wouldn’t be so little if it was augmented by those who occupied Ottawa for three weeks, especially leaders P. K., T. L. and C.B., adding supporters P. P. (MP) and racist fellow travellers.

A shout out to the CBC and CTV personnel, not only those on-air, who gave thorough coverage of events in Ottawa. Also to the police forces involved who appear to have been fair in normalizing the situation. Finally, to support the idea of making Wellington Street a vehicle-free pedestrian area, extending the parliamentary precinct.

Scribd, an online reading platform, is making all its books free for 30 days in response to recent book bans

Thanks to this week’s contributors. Anonymous, Barbara Di Mambro, Brenda Turner, Gail Dever, Ian Barker, John Sayers, Sunday Thompson, Teresa, Terry Mulcahy, Unknown.

5 Replies to “Sunday Sundries”

  1. I agree abut the truckers John. And I agree with the shout out for the news staff for the coverage. I have been gripped for two solid days with that coverage.

    Good going, all police and staff!!! Cheers to all, BT

  2. Yes, the CTV and CBC personnel were exceptional. They were up close to the action (often too up close for their safety) They endured, not only the constant abuse from “protesters”, but also the bitter COLD and wind. It is hard, I think, for people outside of Ottawa and even Ottawans outside the downtown core, to understand the nightmare it has been. The police Friday and Saturday were terrific. Doubt very much that any protester has an appreciation of family history!

  3. They all did a great job on a difficult day. I did get tired of listening to retired police chiefs after a while. Would have been nice to hear more from affected residents of the downtown. Hope the “occupation” is over. Too bad for the damage it has caused to our city. Grateful there were no deaths of serious injuries.

  4. I agree with all of the comments above, all. And thank you for the humorous ‘Little List’ followed by your discreet remarks. The Restaurant text was spot on too. Many thanks to all involved.

  5. I’ve been a G&S fan since I played Casilda in The Gondoliers. This song from the Mikado is one reason to see more than one performance as the words are always changed to reflect current events. There’s also a version at You Tube from “Brexit, The Opera” which is well done. I too think our Canadian media twigged to what was really going on in Windsor, Ottawa and other places. I wonder what G&S would have written about those events?

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