What are the attributes of a good genealogist?

Several attributes are important for a good genealogist:

  1. Attention to detail: Genealogists need to be able to pay close attention to detail and analyze a wide range of documents and records to build a family tree and establish connections between individuals.
  2. Persistence: Genealogy can be a time-consuming and sometimes challenging pursuit, so a good genealogist needs to be persistent and have the ability to follow leads and track down difficult-to-find information.
  3. Research skills: Genealogists must be proficient in researching using various sources, including online databases, archival records, and published materials.
  4. Organizational skills: Genealogists need to be able to keep track of a large amount of information and data, so strong organizational skills are essential.
  5. Communication skills: Genealogists may need to communicate with a variety of people, including family members, archivists, and other researchers, so good communication skills are important.
  6. Critical thinking skills: Genealogists need to be able to think critically and evaluate the reliability and credibility of different sources of information.
  7. Creativity: Genealogy can sometimes require creative problem-solving and the ability to think outside the box in order to find new leads or connect seemingly unrelated pieces of information.

What do you think of that? Is something missing?

It was written by ChatGPT in response to “What are the attributes of a good genealogist?” No other information was given.

What’s ChatGPT you ask?

“ChatGPT is a variant of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language model developed by OpenAI. Like other GPT models, ChatGPT is a machine learning model that has been trained on a large dataset of text and is able to generate human-like text in response to prompts. However, ChatGPT has been specifically designed to generate responses to questions and statements in a conversational context, making it well-suited for use in chatbots and other interactive applications.

The main advantage of ChatGPT and other GPT models is their ability to generate high-quality text that is difficult to distinguish from human-written text. This makes them particularly useful for tasks such as language translation, text summarization, and content generation.”


5 Replies to “What are the attributes of a good genealogist?”

  1. It does a great job with solid factual needs but it is missing ‘heart’, the ability to feel your ancestors when engaged in researching them. If you are missing the ‘feeling’ then this is just a task and not an enjoyable look at your ancestry. Perhaps my old mind is much to sentimental, but I find many small bits of data which trigger a connection with the person I’m working on. Pure joy.

  2. I added “Express emotion!” to the prompt. Here’s the result.

    A good genealogist is someone who is passionate about discovering the stories and history of their ancestors. They are curious, persistent, and dedicated to finding and verifying information about their family tree. A good genealogist is also organized and detail-oriented, as they often have to manage a large amount of information and keep track of multiple sources.

    In addition to these technical skills, a good genealogist is also empathetic and understanding. They recognize that family history is often tied to complex emotions, and they approach their research with sensitivity and respect for the experiences and feelings of their ancestors. A good genealogist is also patient, as the process of tracing family history can be slow and require a lot of research and problem-solving.

    Overall, a good genealogist is a combination of a detective, historian, and storyteller, all fueled by a deep love and curiosity for their family’s past.

  3. Well said responses to ChapGBT lack of critical thinking about human emotions fo descendants and interest in local colour of their forebears home places.

  4. I agree with Norm Prince. It was in thinking abut how a little girl named Herodias Heritage, born 1791 in Cuddeson Oxfordshire, my 4 X great Grannie, would have heard and remembered her own name that enabled me to link her with Rhoda Godfree in London in later years.
    With the name Herodias, I thought it most likely that a little girl would best remember the first hard sound in the name, “r”, meaning that she did not remember the “he” part at all. And the end bit could easily be slipped on, resutling in just an “ah” sound.
    Hence Herodias to Rhoda.
    I tried it out with Celia Heritage and she thought it was right on too.
    And in another case, unwilling in a February blizzard some years back to travel to Timmons, but wanting info from there, I hit on the idea of wriritng a letter tio the editor of the local paper asking for info. Rural papers are always looking for ways to add to its stories. Apparently the letter, printed, became the talk of all the old folks homes. I heard back from seven different people, including one lady Cheers, BTwho said the fellow I was looking for info on, had worked for her father.
    He had left Timmons, she said, and moved to Thunder Bay. And that’s where I found him. Couldn’t have done it on my own!!

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