Plans for 1931 Census of Canada release

You will be pleased to learn this welcome news provided to me by LAC Media.

LAC is currently digitizing and preparing the 1931 Census for access. Our plan is to have the first online access tool available for the release date in June 2023. This preliminary tool will allow access to digitized images by sub-district. Work to transcribe and create a nominal index will begin as soon as we can provide public access and we will provide regular updates on our progress towards a fully searchable database.

This follows somewhat the same process used for releasing and indexing the 1950 US census in 2022 that enabled timely access and others to index, including using optical character recognition.


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  1. Let’s hope everything goes according to plan. I remember helping index the 1926 Prairie census when it went up on FamilySearch. Any word if LAC is partnering with FS for this one as well?

    Now I’ll have to research in advance in which sub-district they people I’ll be looking for lived, so I’m prepared.

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