Ontario Township Papers

Most researchers of family history in the area now known as Ontario are aware of the existence of Township Papers, a massive collection of Crown Land records at the Archives of Ontario now available to browse at home with your free FamilySearch account. That’s if you can find them.

In two posts Jane MacNamara, on her Where the story takes me … blog provides a roadmap to their use. It removes a fair bit of the agony of identifying the most likely digital microfilm from FamilySearch.

There’s little point in me repeating her explanation in the two posts Untangling Ontario Township Papers and Ontario Township Papers: How to find them. The second contains a huge table that will take you from Township, Lot and Concession to which digital microfilm to start searching by eye – no index available. The one covering the area where I live contains about 1,000 images. I got close fairly quickly, then on to the painstaking image by image examination.

That huge table listing the 541 reels is a godsend. A big hand to Jane! A pity the title Saint Jane is already taken.

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