Fancy Repositories

Researching a branch of my family tree this week, an online trade directory revealed a proprietor of a fancy repositories shop in Birmingham in 1932.

What are fancy repositories? Google showed the shop would have offered “knick-knacks and toys which fed the market for cheap consumerism, including that of children.”

An Internet Archive full-text search showed no hits after 1889. The Ngram Viewer for British English found it to be a very much Victorian term.

In Kelly’s directory of Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorsetshire and the Isle of Wight for 1889, there were 100 businesses listed under the Fancy Repositories category with a mix of men and women proprietors, the women a mix of Miss and Mrs.

If you’d like to know more check out the February 2021 article Fancy repositories: a mixed bag from News from the Past, which has many articles relating to Victorian Bournmouth.


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  1. What an absolute goldmine for anyone that has ancestors living in or round the area, or indeed, social history.
    Thank you sharing.

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