OGS Conference Artificial Intelligence and Genealogy Day

I don’t often use the word excited.  Much of my time compiling the blog is spent toning down what I judge as over-the-top hype.

This time, it does describe how much I’m looking forward to Artificial Intelligence and Genealogy Day, a pre-OGS-conference event on Thursday, 13 June

It’s just announced that Steve Little, AI Program Director for the National Genealogical Society and founder of AI Genealogy Insights, is an added speaker. That’s along with Daniel Horowitz from MyHeritage, a world leader in implementing AI-assisted technologies. They will join Blaine Bettinger and Jonny Perl.  If there was a cinema marquee, they’d be crowing out each other for top billing.

Visit the conference website for more information. There will be no onsite registration so be sure to sign up in advance.


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