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Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

Equations built giants like Google. Who’ll find the next billion-dollar bit of maths?

The Winter of Our Discontent
January has been awful. The good news is we’re past 19 January which is the coldest day of the year (on average) in Ottawa.  Although there’s still scope for colder weather, the coldest temperature recorded in Ottawa, at the Experimental Farm, is -38.3C on 17 February 1934, we could have a bit of a respite in the middle of the coming week.

Traditional phrases sent to the knacker’s yard – the 50 UK ‘endangered’ sayings

How to read old handwriting and Transcription Tuesday
From WDYTYA magazine

Ottawa’s Many Peoples’
In 1965 the Ottawa Journal ran a series on the various immigrant groups in Ottawa. They are:

March 16, 1965, p.26, image 309 ‘The Italians’
March 23, 1965, p.22 image 453 ‘The Germans’
March 30, 1965, p. 22 image 592 ‘The Greeks’
April 6,  1965, p.27 image 131 ‘The Chinese’
April 13, 1965, p. 34. image ‘The Hungarians’
April 20, 1965, p. 26 image 438 ‘The Ukrainians’
April 27, 1965, p. 20 image 586, ‘The Danes’
May 4, 1965, p. 34 image 80 ‘The Dutch’
May 11, 1965, p.26 image 245 ‘The Poles’
May 19, 1965, p. 38 image 437 ‘The Austrians’
May 27, 1965, p. 40 image 608 ‘The Latvians’
June 1, 1965, p. 10 image 7 ‘The Czechs’
June 8, 1965, p. 18, image 164 ‘The Lebanese’
June 15, 1965, p. 34 image 333 ‘The Portuguese’

The image numbers are from of the ‘Ottawa Journal’, the same image numbers appear on

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  1. Loved the OED list of outdated phrases, many of which I regularly use still, as I note many do. The comments section itself was of great interest as individuals added other phrased they use to the list.

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