MyHeritage adds Winnipeg Burial Records

On 22 March MyHeritage added 118,637 records for Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg Burial Records to its Death, Burial, Cemetery & Obituaries holdings. They are from Brookside, St. Vital and Transcona Cemeteries and include name of the deceased, date of burial, name of the cemetery, date of death, information about the grave and burial order number.

These records are free at the Winnipeg Municipal Cemeteries Branch website at where they require separate searches at each of the three cemeteries.


History for Ukraine

I’m hoping there’s a typo in the program for this most interesting event. It gives times for New York as EST, but its 4 hours different from GMT until the UK moves clocks forward to summertime on Sunday morning.

I confess to not having heard of most of the headliner speakers. Some of the talks I’d most like to hear are in the early morning in Ottawa (and its suburb called New York!)

Find the program here and an abbreviated version with times in four time zones here.

The event gets underway on Saturday at 8 am Ottawa time streaming on YouTube at

Unfortunately, Canada has no profile and the only talk with a Canadian connection, Professor Elaine Chaus on Ukraine and Canada is scheduled at 2 am on Sunday morning!

There is no registration fee, The event is a fundraiser for the British Red Cross Society. Those of us in Canada might prefer to donate to the Canadian Red Cross  Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.

LAC lack of specialist expertize

I’m fortunate to have a family doctor, one that I trust. For routine monitoring and common issues she’s good. She refers patients to a specialist when needed. That’s as it should be as, good as she is I wouldn’t want her performing heart surgery.

Library and Archives Canada management think differently. Try and get expert advice on newspapers or maps and LAC offers a general practitioner. That was not always the case and there are legacy items, like finding aids, that can be helpful. However, many of those are only available in print versions meaning, with current restrictions on entry to the building, you’re faced with a minimum two-week delay just to see the finding aid.

Historic England from the Air

A new interactive map from Historic England allows you to search and explore historical aerial imagery of England captured over the last 100 years. The Aerial Photograph Explorer map includes over 400,000 digitized photos from Historic England’s aerial photo collections.

Careful. This is a mega rabbit hole

COMMENT: At the same site are a collection of photos taken from ground level. I was happy to find this image of the mouth of the River Yare in 1947 showing the parade of herring drifters in and out as I remember them.

How to add weather to your family history.

Today, 23 March is World Meteorological Day as proclaimed by the World Meteorological Organization. While meteorology, the science of weather and the atmosphere, may not feature in your family history it could. There are 3,165 entries in Ancestry’s Canada Voters Lists, 1935-1980 collection with occupation meteo*.

More likely of interest is the weather on a special day, birthday, graduation, marriage or a memorable extreme weather event, like the 1998 Ice Storm, or one that changed the course of someone’s life.

Historical weather data for Canada may be found starting at

For the UK check the Daily Weather Report /Daily Weather Summary (METDLA/6/1/1) back to 1860 along with other resources at the Complete Archive from the Digital Library and Archives of the British Meteorological Office.

Scottish twofer

Scottish prison registers

ScotlandsPeople now have admission entries of thousands of prisoners indexed to be searched using the prison registers search page. People from a broad range of backgrounds can be found in the prison registers and there is a wealth of information in these volumes for the genealogist and social historian alike.

The first set of released records concern admissions to Perth Prison between 1867-1879 and 1888-1921 which can be searched for free on ScotlandsPeople and the images viewed and downloaded for a small fee. This equates to over 50,000 indexed entries for Perth Prison over this period and includes details of both male and female prisoners.

Bibliography of Edinburgh History

You know of New Edinburgh, Ottawa. What about Old Edinburgh?

The Old Edinburgh Club is Edinburgh, Scotland’s local history society, concerned with all aspects of the city’s history and development.

They have a free online Bibliography of Edinburgh History to help anyone interested in exploring the city’s rich heritage, culture, economy, politics and society across the city. Inevitably, much of the history of Edinburgh as capital city is that of Scotland itself. The content ranges in time from prehistory to modern times.

Explore the Bibliography 

Sir Arthur G. Doughty

Today marks the 162nd anniversary of the birth of Canada’s longest-serving and most distinguished National Archivist. While the Dictionary of Canadian Biography still hasn’t published one there are biographies in The Canadian Encyclopedia and Wikipedia. I’m told a dedicated website is in preparation with some unique content.

The National Archives, and later Library and Archives Canada, has thrived under inspired leadership, survived not-so-inspired leadership, and on more than one occasion had its reputation tarnished by unfortunate and lacklustre appointments to the role.

If you pass by Ottawa’s Notre Dame Cemetery today I hope you’ll find Sir Arthur resting in peace and not hear him turning in his grave. You’re unlikely to find his statue behind 395 Wellington marching to the front in protest as one recent commenter suggested could happen.

This Week’s Online Genealogy Events

Choose from free online events in the next five days. All times are ET except as noted. Those in red are Canadian, bolded if local to Ottawa or recommended

Assume registration in advance is required; check so you’re not disappointed.T

Tuesday 22 Mar. 2 pm: Virtual Genealogy Drop-In, from Ottawa Branch of OGS and The Ottawa Public Library.

Tuesday 22 Mar, 2 pm: A Deep Dive into Deep Nostalgia™, by Masha Novak for MyHeritage and Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

Tuesday 22 Mar, 2:30 pm: Jumping the Pond: Beginning to Research Your European Immigrant Ancestors, by Allison Singleton for Allen Country Public Library Genealogy Center. 

Tuesday 22 Mar, 3:30 pm: The Life & Legacy of George Bradshaw: how Bradshaw’s company produced guides and handbooks, by David Turner for NorthWest Kent FHS

Tuesday 22 Mar, 7 pm: The Geography of Genealogy, by Dave Obee for OGS Wellington County Branch.

Wednesday 23 Mar, 2 pm: Get ‘Grammin’! How to Instagram Your Family History, by Elizabeth M. O’Neal for Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

Thursday 24 Mar. 6:30 pm: Preserving Your Ancestor’s Textiles and Handmade Treasures, by Melissa Barker for Allen Country Public Library Genealogy Center.

Saturday, 26 Mar. 1 pm: Arnprior McNab/Braeside Archives Update, by Kristen Mercier / Irene Robillard for Ottawa Branch OGS.

Saturday 26 Mar. 24 hour event. History For Ukraine.

Saturday 26 Mar. All Day. Legacy Irish Genealogy Conference, with Natalie Bodle, John Grenham and David Ouimette. Pre-recorded at

Marriages in the West Midlands: Loach Tables

The latest edition of the Guild of One-Name Studies Journal, Vol 14-6, Apr-Jun 2022, has an article Marriage mining & the Loach tables. It relates to the civil registration index of marriages in England and Wales with relevance to the West Midlands.

In compiling the GRO indexes clerks followed a set pattern. Within each quarter of the year and within each Registration District, they arranged Anglican marriages before all others, followed by Register Office ones. Non-conformists followed. The Anglican churches were arranged in alphabetical order although an ancient parish church may have been given precedence.

So what’s a Loach table? Referring to the article that is the basis of the Guild article, Marriage mining in the West Midlands, given the GRO reference for a marriage in the area the page number in the Loach table for that Registration District, and entry for the year and quarter will indicate the church where the ceremony was performed.

It worked for me for an 1837 marriage.

These days you may well find Ancestry already has the information and an image of the marriage certificate so the technique will be of most interest if you don’t have that access.

New Time Team

New presenters Gus Casely-Hayford and Natalie Haynes join team members old and new to investigate an Iron Age settlement in Cornwall with mysterious underground passages, known as a fogou. Suspend judgement.

Co-Lab Updates for March

Of Library and Archives Canada’s Co-Lab Challenges progress is reported on two projects since last month.

Women in the War remains 0% complete.

First World War Posters, with 140 images, is 99% complete, 96% last month.

Arthur Lismer’s Children’s Art Classes remains 0% complete.

John Freemont Smith remains 93% complete.

Canadian National Land Settlement Association remains 98% complete.

Molly Lamb Bobak with 226 images, is 89% complete, 88% last month.

Diary of François-Hyacinthe Séguin remains 99% complete.

George Mully: moments in Indigenous communities remains 0% complete.

Correspondence regarding First Nations veterans returning after the First World War remains 99% complete.

Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 remains 96% complete.

Legendary Train Robber and Prison Escapee Bill Miner remains 99% complete.

Japanese-Canadians: Second World War, remains 3% complete.

The Call to Duty: Canada’s Nursing Sisters remains 92% complete.

Projects that remain 100% complete are no longer reported here.

Other unidentified Co-Lab activities not part of the Challenges may have happened.

Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

What do the British call their grandparents?

Canadian Research Knowledge Network
As of 1 April CKRN, including Canadiana, are consolidating operations in space at 395 Wellington Street. “Since March 2020, most CRKN staff have been successfully working remotely. Staff who do need to use office space to complete portions of their work, such as our digitization staff, typically use the equipment available at our Wellington St. office.”

Ukraine: Putin isn’t mad – he’s following a long-established great power playbook for conquest

London Trivia Questions
How many of these can you answer correctly? Answers next Sunday

1. What’s the title of the song by Coldplay with London in the title?

2. Which cemetery was also known as The London Necropolis?

3. What work did a resurrection man do?

4. Which cemetery was across the road from the London Metropolitan Archives

5. Which railway station had a platform dedicated for funeral trains? What was it used for in more recent years?

6. True or false? From 1760 to 1777 under George the Third it was illegal to transport a dead body across London Bridge.

7. Which London park has a pet cemetery?

8. Which notorious burial site was close to St Catherine’s House and the LSE?
Enon Chapel.

9. What was the Metropolitan Sepulchre?

10. True or false. The underground deviated from straight lines to avoid plague pits?

Support #History for Ukraine

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